SMS 4 Parents

Benefits of SMS 4 Parents
  enhances communication between schools and parents
  builds strong, trusting relationships involving schools, parents, teachers and students
  controls the timing and manner of school/parent and school/student communication
  improves the extent and quality of parents’ involvement with their children’s learning and development
  web-based system, allowing access from anywhere with an Internet connection – no need for a phone, SIM card or additional software
  frequent, timely and efficient communication via text messages
  examples include issuing homework assignments, or informing with parents about an individual child’s behaviour in class
  allows both multiple messaging and private, individual messaging where appropriate
  each message is automatically personalised with the student’s name and school name to help parents identify quickly and easily that the message is       important.

Avoid the burdensome process of copying and dispatching individual letters, or making multiple phone calls to parents
Connect to the whole school with one click
Use templates to save retyping
Automatically personalise each message by adding the student’s name

An affordable, competitively-priced solution
Saves time and reduces staff costs
Cuts printing and stationery expenditure on parent communication, potentially to zero
No set-up or ongoing maintenance costs
Frequent Communication

Because it’s effortless and affordable, schools can communicate more frequently and always in good time
The school’s positive attitude is highlighted through close communication
Regular feedback allows parents to be more focused about their children’s needs
Leads to improved parental participation

Save time by sending message to the whole school or a specific group or class within seconds
Inform parents immediately in an emergency situation
Communicate from anywhere, at any time, just by logging in to your account

SMS 4 Parents